SweepEx 96" Mega-Broom

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SweepEx 96" Mega-Broom



96" Mega-Broom with 11 rows of bristle.

The Mega Broom is designed for heavy duty sweeping jobs. It has 11 brush rows which make it suitable for the toughest sweeping needs. The main frame of the Mega Broom is made from industrial strength steel with a heavy duty powder coat finish. Sizes from 1.8m.


SweepEx Brooms allow rapid, efficient and economical movement of various materials and debris. SweepEx Brooms attach in seconds to your Forklift, Telehandler, Backhoe or Tractor.

 These ruggedly-made brooms are manufactured in the USA and they consist of replaceable, extruded polypropylene bristles mounted into an industrial strength steel frame.

SweepEx brooms offer an economic way to keep your property clean and safe.


 Advantages of the SweepEx Broom

  • Economic and Practical - with a powerful sweeping action at a fraction of the cost of a mechanical sweeper.
  • Productivity - will dramatically reduce your cleanup time and costs.
  • Long lasting - rugged construction and a long brush life ensure over 400 km can be swept for every 100mm of bristle.
  • Low maintenance - with no moving parts to break or wear out, and no downtime.
  • Easy bristle replacement - simply slide-in slide-out.
  • Sizes to suit - from 1.2m to 2.4m.
  • Easy versatile mounting - quickly and simply attached to your forklift or loader.
  • Safety - no moving parts, minimal dust.
  • Easy cleaning with water or steam.
  • Bi-directional - sweep forward or in reverse.