Shelf Label Magnet

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2.00 LBS
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Magnet For Adhesive Label


Sold in packages of 25.   

Give us a call, we can fully customize these labels to meet your needs. 

Hassle Free Magnetic Labels

  • Reliable 1/32" thick magnet
  • Eliminate the hassle of peeling sticky lables
  • Apply your bar code or SKU labels to magnets for easy relocating
  • large selection of sizes to accommodate almost any lable size
  • Choice of 11 colors are available at no extra charge 
  • Magnets are recommended for applications in work environments from 0-160 degrees Flonger-magnet-for-multi-level-lables.jpg


Easily Read Lables For All Rack Levels

  • Save searching and viewing time plus reduce errors
  • Use your barcode or human readable labels and place them on one shelf near eye level for quick and easy man-down reading
  • Simply sequence the labels by the level or use a rack level code to conveniently identify the proper level shelf product


No Labels? Write Directly On The Magnet

  • Write your product location information directly on the durable vinyl surface
  • For information that does not change, use a permanent marker
  • Changes or updates are likely, we recommend using damp erase pens