Plastic Card Holder C-Channel Style

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Plastic Card Holder C-Channel Style

Sold in packages of 25.  36" & 48" lengths are sold in packages of 10. 

Give us a call, we can fully customize these labels to meet your needs. 

Fast, Easy Product Moves

  • These popular gray C-channel holders provide easy flexibility for your product additions, relocations, or reorganization by simply sliding out one card and sliding in another
  • So many sizes we can't list them all, from heights of 3/8" - 3" to lengths of 2" - 96", we have a standard or custom size for virtually any shelf lip




Adhesive and Magnet Backed

Commonly utilized for products with high turnover or frequent relocating.  To relocate both the holders and cards, consider the magnet backed, for more permanent locations, choose adhesive