Notrax #543 Cushion-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Notrax 543
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Notrax #543 Cushion-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat

Notrax 543 Cushion-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat

cushion-tred-pic.jpgThe Notrax 543 Cushion-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat is a thick, heavy duty safety mat with large holes for liquid and debris drainage that is available in either resistant rubber (black) or 100% nitrile rubber for excellent chemical or grease resistance. The Notrax 543 Cushion Tred has squared off edges that interlock to each other and optional Notrax 551 ramps and connectors to create a custom, on-site mat solution.

The Notrax Cushion-Tred 543 anti-fatigue mat resists oils, cutting fluids, chemicals and grease, making it an excellent mat for food preparation or service. This safety mat also works well in industrial settings where anti-fatigue properties and drainage are important.


Notrax 543 Cushion-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat Features

  • Mat has squared edges
  • Notrax 551 MD ramps and connectors are used to convert mat edges to a beveled edge
  • Black mats constructed of resilient rubber withstand many chemicals, cutting fluids, oils and greases.
  • Red mats constructed of nitrile rubber work well in food service areas because they provide additional resistance to chemicals, oils and greases
  • Large drainage holes wick away debris and moisture
  • 7/8" thick
  • Rubber mat comes in black only; nitrile rubber mat for food service applications is available in red only






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Notrax 543 Cushion-Tred Product Data Sheet