Interlake Column Shield

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Interlake Column Shield
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Interlake Column Shield

Interlake bolt on post protectors are used to prevent damage to the posts that are facing an aisle. They offer protection in a variety of heights, as these protectors are not anchored to the floor, but rather bolted directly to the post of a frame.

Bolt on post protectors protrude 2-9/32" from the face of the post toward the aisle. Vertical holes allow the protectors to be bolted to a post, using short bolts. The number of bolts needed is contingent on the length of the protector.

*Works With*

These protectors are for the (Old Style) Interlake Interlock Bolted Uprights & Welded Uprights (3" x 3" Columns). They will not work with the (New Style) Interlake Mecalux bolted frames we currently have on the website. If you have any questions weather these will work for your application please don't hesitate to call us @ 1-800-728-9784.

More Sizes Available!

The folded "V" shape plates can be 12", 24", 36", 48" and 60" long. For pricing and availability please feel free to Contact Us @ 1-800-728-9784