Boltless Cue Shelving (Starter Unit)

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Boltless Cue Shelving (Starter Unit)

Heavy Duty starter shelving units are 7', 84" height, includes double rivet beams for heavy duty support, not the single rivets.  Select your desire width, depth, and shelf levels.  Wider units included center shelf supports.  Every shelf level includes heavy duty 5/8" thick particle board.  Load capacity is 1,000 lbs per shelf.



Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation boltless shelving is manufactured from high quality 14 gauge stee. Components are simple to assemble with a hammer. No special tools are necessary. Our shelves are adjustable on 1 and a half inch center, engineered to be simple to use as a single unit and flexible for use in a comples system. Units require no sway bracing allowing easy access to all four sides. Our standard paint finish is baked-on enamel. 

These units can be used as self supported and free standing or in conjunction with add-on units to create continuous rows of interconnected shelving units. Starter units are needed as the initial freestanding unit to which add-on units connect to. All shelving units are 7' in height and come with 5/8" thick particle board decks.

Why Pick Q Shelving...

Q SHELF components are durable and can be used in a wide variety of practical applications: industrial, commercial, office, record storage, and many more.

Q SHELF units are completely free standing. Our distributors know our emphasis on quality, service, dependablity and safety gives you, the customer, the best value in the market today.

Q SHELF gives you the flexibility you want. Pre-engineered components are reusable. Components used in one configuration can easily be disassembled (in most cases by one person) and reconfigured for use in another application. 

 is durable, rigid and easy to assemble. Our 14 gauge material hammers together quickly, seats firmly and is self squaring. 

 is versatile. From office to attic, warehouse to showroom, 3,000 to 300,000 square feet, our products and designs will help make your life simple.


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