Apache Diamond Foot Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Apache Diamond Foot Anti-Fatigue Mat

Apache Diamond Foot Anti-Fatigue Matting


  • Durable PVC surface bonded with our NGB technology to a resilient anti-fatigue closed-cell PVC foam base.
  • Overall thickness 9/16".
  • Industry favorite diamond pattern provides an abrasion and slip-resistant surface.
  • Surface will resist common fluids, most chemicals and is nonflammable.
  • Optional colored borders available. Limited 3-year guarantee against wear and delamination
  • Beveled edges on all mats.

Recommended Uses:

  • For dry work areas.diamod-foot-thickness-2.jpg
  • Automotive and industrial work cells.
  • Shipping and packaging work cells.
  • Machine shops and maintenance areas.
  • Service counters.
Standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time produces detrimental effects on the body.

Apache matting offers:

  • Reduces fatigue from standing, easing pressure to feet, legs and back.
  • Softness, support and better weight distribution.
  • Reduced impact on joints.
  • Resillient foam construction. The mat "bounces" back to the foot when being compressed, which stimulates blood flow and alleveates fatigue.