PortaFab Modular Electric


Modular Electric

For even greater convenience, offices can be outfitted with a pre-engineered modular wiring system. This system significantly reduces time and costs associated with new in-plant office installations by providing all the necessary electrical hardware in a convenient and pre-engineered "snap together" wiring system. 



 1 . Circuit Breaker Box

2. 240v Converter Cable

3. 120v Converter Cable

4. 2' x 4' Recessed Light Fixture

5. 120v Lighting Fixture Cable

6. 120v Lighting Extender Cable

7. Modular Climate Control Unit

8. 240v Dedicated Receptacle Drop

9. 120 v Duplex Receptacle Drop

10. 120v Extender Cable

11. 120v Switch Drop



PortaFab modular buildings are designed to accommodate standard electrical components and fluorescent light fixtures. The OmniFlex, Series 300 and all PortaMax systems feature studs with wiring raceways that make installing electrical, voice, and data systems easy.


Standard Components

Standard Electrical and lighting components include 2' x 4' fluorescent lights with recessed troffers, outlets, switches and circuit breaker boxes. Optional electrical components available.


Wiring Studs


Removable “snap-in” cover plate allows for wiring capabilities on both sides of the stud and easy inspection of raceway.


Climate & Environmental Control

PortaFab modular buildings can accommodate a wide variety of systems to control temperature, humidity and air quality. Small, inplant offices and booths are often outfitted with wall-mounted units while larger installations typically integrate with centralized HVAC systems.

portafab-integrated-hvac.jpg portafab-wall-unit.jpg portafab-ductless.jpg portafab-fan-filter-unit.jpg