PortaFab Cleanroom Systems



With the industry's largest selection of modular clean room wall systems, PortaFab can satisfy the requirements for any application with the most cost effective solution. Our unique ability to mix and match components from both our clean room and inplant office product lines allows us to provide a consistent look while utilizing components that will meet all requirements cost effectively.


At the heart of every modular wall system lies the metal stud framing. Not only does this provide the structural integrity for the entire office or enclosure, but it also makes the system relocatable, attractive, and easy to assemble and wire. With six different framing systems, you can rest assured that we will find the right product for your application.




Designed to meet the specifications of Class 10 to Class 100,000 (ISO 4 to ISO 8) cleanroom environments, the CleanLine system is our most popular and versatile cleanroom line and is used in a variety industries and applications.




Designed primarily for the microelectronics and nanotech industries, FabLine is ideal for applications with significant bulkheading requirements or those requiring non-outgassing, non-shedding, and anti-static walls.




Designed for life science and pharmaceutical applications, our PharmaSystem is made for cleanrooms that require a flush wall surface with radius corners for ease of cleaning.






PortaFab offers 3 unique ceiling systems in including our economical 1-1/2" gasket grid, their heavy-duty 2" gasket grid, and the flush walkable PharmaCeiling. Standard cleanroom ceiling tiles are constructed of 1/4" aluminum honeycomb with painted surfaces.


2" Gasket Grid


The 2" Gasket-Seal clean room ceiling grid combines flexibility with simplicity to meet the ever-changing needs of the technology industries. This grid system offers the complete versatility of non-progressive construction required in most clean rooms. It is a functional stick-built system that provides a 2" wide structural grid system with aluminum extrusions and zinc die castings to receive standard filter modules, light fixtures and blank ceiling tiles. Truly an engineered system for ease of installation, the system can be used in 2 x 2, 2 x 4, 4 x 4 and custom layouts.


1-1/2" Gasket Grid


The 1-½" Gasket Grid clean room ceiling grid is the perfect solutions for diverse applications including semiconductor, microelectronics, aerospace, food service, food processing, pharmaceutical, and hospital industries. The gasketed grid is designed with a 1-½" face tee to support HEPA filter systems and light fixtures. Installation is simplified with a clip assembly requiring no special tools for the attachment of grid components. Choose from a wide selection of module sizes such as 2'x 2', 2'x 4', or 4'x 4'. CG systems are available in powder coat white and clear anodized finish.


PharmaCeiling Clean Room Ceiling Tiles


PharmaSystem cleanroom ceiling panels create a flush ceiling system that provides end users and owners with the ability to utilize the area above the cleanroom for mechanical services or walk-on capabilities for maintenance access when applicable.

The PharmaSystem cleanroom ceiling panel is a 2" thick composite panel using a steel skin on both sides of an aluminum honeycomb core. Available with a variety of coatings and finishes, the steel facings are designed to form tight, straight-line joints between adjoining panels and beams. All cleanroom ceiling panels are Class A, non-combustible.

The use of walkable ceilings for access can minimize the need for catwalks above the clean room areas, reducing steel costs and installation time. The use of catwalks can then be limited to areas where equipment access is needed for maintenance or replacement of larger pieces of equipment (AHU motors, cooling coils, heat exchangers, etc.).




 PortaFab manufactures a number of standard cleanroom window units that integrate seamlessly with its modular wall and ceiling systems. Windows can be hermetically sealed while insulated glass units or double flush glazing can be easily incorporated into most designs. Cleanroom windows can also be integrated into return air walls to minimize any air flow disruption. 


Beveled Window


Designed specifically for cleanroom applications, the absence of a ledge on this window makes it easier to clean while the design eliminates corners that often collect dust, particles, and other micro organisms. It is a cost effective alternative to double flush window systems that often require two separate pieces of glass and this design helps with achieving FDA compliance.

The Beveled cleanroom window can integrate with CleanLine and Fabline systems.


Flush Window


Windows are mounted into the wall system to provide a completely flush surface. To minimize any air flow disruption, windows can also be integrated into return air walls. Insulated glass units or double flush glazing can be easily incorporated into most designs.

The Flush cleanroom window can be integrated into all 3 cleanroom wall systems (CleanLine, Fabline, and PharmaSystem).


Double Flush Window


Designed for interior wall applications that require flush surfaces on both sides of the wall, the double flush window system provides and attractive appearance and two completely flush surfaces.

The Double Flush cleanroom window can be integrated into all 3 cleanroom wall systems (CleanLine, Fabline, and PharmaSystem).


Standard CleanLine Windows


These economical windows from our line of inplant offices include fixed windows that measure either 4' or 2' wide by 3' high and sliding windows that measure 3' x 3'. All standard windows feature 1/4" clear tempered safety glass, but we also offer laminated glass for added sound control, insulated glass for better thermal insulation, and break resistant poly-carbonate windows.

Standard CleanLine Windows can integrate with CleanLine S3000 and PM458 wall systems (not P2000).