​J-Safety Pin

​J-Safety Pin

Posted by Marcus Hootman on 3rd Mar 2014

The safety of pallet racking should not be taken lightly. Improper installation can result in serious loss to damage of product and or personnel. Interlake (most other brands as well) has a safety pin built into the end plate of the beam.

The safety pin is spring loaded and engages when the beam is installed correctly. This pin helps to prevent any up lift force on the beam which can cause the beam to come off the upright or frame. If the beam is not seated securely to the frame, everything the beam is supposed to support will come down in an ugly way. Here is a quote from Interlake’s maintenance manual of the subject:

"Do not use beams without working locking devices.  Every beam Interlake Mecalux sells is equipped with a beam locking device . . . so that the beam is secured to the column.  Check regularly to make certain that the beam locking device is present and engaged and that it works properly. . . Replace any damaged or missing devices. Use of beams without properly engaged and operational locking devices . . . can present a risk of property damage and serious or fatal injury.”

Companies want to take extra precaution in the safety of personnel and help protect any product loss due to this exposure. One option is to use a nut and bolt. This is an inexpensive way to provide that extra security for the warehouse. However it you want to place a nut and bolt to every beam the personnel time will quickly add up.  Which makes this option very costly.

Another quick option to provide safety and security the pallet rack loads is to simply drop a J-Safety Pin in.  The holes in the beam end plate match up by design to the holes in the frame. This pin simply drops in the front hole of the beams end plate. Drop it in on one side, then the other, and move on to the next beam. This J-Safety Pin is the fastest option on the market to provide that extra safety in your pallet rack.


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