Custom Pallet Rack Frames

Custom Pallet Rack Frames

Posted by Marcus Hootman on 13th Apr 2014

There are many different styles and brands of pallet racking in the work place. Over the years one company would be the dominant brand, and loss it to another brand. Speed rack once was the main brand and style in the market place. Now it is Interlake. Interlake was the first company to patent what is now referred to as the tear drop style racking.

Most the racking in the field is a tear drop style rack, which is now made by almost every pallet rack manufacture. Interlake tear drop pallet racking is the only pallet rack product that we stock. What is unique for us is how we stock our pallet rack frames, in component parts.

When we order our stock pallet racking, we order Interlake’s Interlock racking. The frames are broke down to the columns, struts, footplates and hardware. This really saves us on freight and we can condense product down to its weight, instead of shipping welded frames that take up truck space. With welded we are limited to space on a flatbed trailer. When shipping a frame in parts, we are limited to how much weight can be loaded on a trailer. We can get a lot more product per truck this way. This saves shipping cost that is then passed on to you our customers.

The greatest advantage of our unique way to stock parts, is the ability to create custom frames. Let’s say you have been using a 30” depth frame. A personnel then damaged an unprotected frame by a fork truck. Nobody that you can find stocks a 30”D x 180”H frame. Everyone is giving you a lead time of 3 – 6 weeks out. Then you call us, we give you a better price, and we tell you the frame will ship out in 24 hours. The same can be said for a pallet rack frame that is 54”D x 84”H, or 28”D x 156”H, or 60”D x 144”H. We can ship out any custom frame from 24” – 72” deep, to 20’H. We have the parts in stock and ready to go for you.

Now you know what we stock for pallet racking frames. And you’re in the warehouse and notice that one of the frames you bought from us is damaged. The front column has been damaged. On a weld frame in this situation, you have two costly options. Hire a certified welder and a replacement column kit, or buy a new frame. With our product, Interlock made by Interlake, all you need to do is purchase a new column.  Simply un-bolt the damaged column and replace it with a new. Our frame makes replacing damaged frame less expensive and faster than dealing with a welded frame.

Have a custom tear drop style frame and need a replacement fast? Have an existing Interlock frame that is damaged? Just looking for a more cost effective pallet racking? Please give us a call and find the difference for yourself.