Buckhorn Collapsible Bulk Storage Containers

Posted by Marcus Hootman on 12th Aug 2014

There is a real long term cost difference between using a disposable product and a reusable. If you compare the costs of disposable razors, paper towels and plates, cups, plastic knives and forks, Ziploc bags, verses the costs containers, rags, etc. Obviously the upfront costs for almost anything disposal is smaller than a product that is made for continuous use. What about the long term effects of using disposable items? Think of it on a large scale in an industrial manufacturing setting. Disposable items could quickly add up and consume daily activities.

Look at the amount of cardboard boxes and pallets that are used throughout a facility. Those cardboard boxes can quickly become onetime use storage/shipping waste. Cardboard boxes are destroyed with minimal impact. There is a high cost of labor to remove and dispose broken cardboard boxes. Wood pallets are no different. They receive constant abuse from forklifts. There is a high costs to repair, dispose and purchase new pallets. Facility’s can find many cost savings by positioning itself to be leaner through high density bulk storage containers.

Buckhorn, is a sister company to that of Akro-Mils. Buckhorn is the name behind high quality collapsible bulk storage containers. Bulk containers from Buckhorn, are designed to take abuse in the work force, hold a high volume of product, and collapse for storage when not used. These containers can handle a wide range of product applications. Reusable bulk container allows you to ship, dispense your products while increasing productivity and profitability. There is a wide range of sizes, and designs for the many different work environments.

If your facility ships a lot of product to and from the same location, these collapsible containers are a must have. Easily load your product into the container for safe secure transferring. When the containers arrive on site, there is a half drop gate on each side. This helps to unload the containers, and also has an ergonomic advantage. The containers sides folds down, collapses onto itself, for easy storage. With the containers folded down it takes up less room on a truck. The cost savings really start to add up with shipping costs alone.

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