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We Are Moving

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Hawkeye Material Handling is moving to a new location!

Our new addres will be:

1723 Hawkeye Drive, Hiawatha, IA 52233

On April 1st our phone lines will be down for up to 24 hours.

The new lines will be switching over. If you need to contact us

and we do not answer, please e-mail us.

Your person on contact can be found on our contact page.

Otherwise feel free to e-mail:

Pallet Rack Safety System

I recently had the chance to speak with Seth, Warehouse Manager, and Jason, Loss Prevention Supervisor, about an issue that has come in their facility. Seth had made some changes to one part of their facility where small boxes of their product will come in on full pallets. Employees were wasting a lot [...]

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Fluid Storage & Dispensing Systems

Are you tired of the old 55 gallon drums at your company? Running out of room storing these 55 gallon drums? Looking for a better way of getting product to and from those drums? Hawkeye Material Handling and Innovative Fluid Handling Systems has a solution.Here is IFH Group’s take on the old [...]

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Double Level, Pallet Rack Drive Thru System

A client of ours came to us in order to help them design a Pallet Rack Drive Thru system that can accommodate two different pallet sizes. They use both a 48” wide pallet and a 40” wide pallet. Client wants to utilize a system the will except either pallet size. Designing a Drive [...]

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Designing A Carton Flow Application

We have been designing a few large carton flow projects lately, so I thought I would take a few to go over how we are able to come up with the designs.Most flow systems are designed for FIFO, First In First Out, applications. Anything that has a shelf life expiration date must be process in a FIFO system [...]

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Buckhorn Collapsible Bulk Storage Containers

There is a real long term cost difference between using a disposable product and a reusable. If you compare the costs of disposable razors, paper towels and plates, cups, plastic knives and forks, Ziploc bags, verses the costs containers, rags, etc. Obviously the upfront costs for almost anything disposal is smaller than [...]

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Push Back Pallet Rack System

For high-density, multiple-product storage situations, you can’t beat Interlake’s push-back system. It’s designed to optimize the use of your storage area while still combining excellent selectivity and a maintenance-free design. As each pallet is loaded, it’s placed on a free-rolling carriage that is literally pushed back into the system by loading additional pallets. When [...]

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Foot Master Leveling Casters

Foot Master Leveling Casters offer a unique caster leveling option that allows product to be both mobile and stationary. With these leveling casters you can move equipment into place, and then lower the anti-vibration footpad. The caster comes up off the ground and allows the equipment to be completely stationary. You can [...]

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​RFID Tagging

I am one who is very interested in technology. The advancements to create, expand and make efficient use in one’s life. Everything from the newest TV 10000K definitions, to a new app software. Most of these advancements surround us in our line of work. Technology allows us to better perform tasks with less mistakes. [...]

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Penco Erectomatic

In the market for shelving? There are no shortage of options available in the market place today. A quick internet search will prove that. There are a lot of manufactures, brands, styles, designs, and accessories when it comes to shelving. We have established relationships with the top name brands in the market place. Names like [...]

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