Interlake Mecalux Row Spacer

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Interlake Row Spacer
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Interlake Mecalux Row Spacer

Interlake Mecalux Pallet Rack Spacers are used for rack stability and can be increased by adding more row spacers and/or wall ties, depending on the height and depth of the rack. Row Spacers are used to join pallet racks together back to back. This adds rigidity to the system and provides even spacing between racks. Choosing the correct row spacer is based entirely on the frames in the system. Row spacers come with a standard galvanized finish.

Row Spacer Distribution

The following are recommendations for the placement of row spacers: In all cases, care must be taken to avoid interference with beams, struts, or any other installation components.

  • The top row spacer should be installed next to the highest horizontal strut.
  • Intermediate row spacers should be located close to strut connections and should maintain equal distances between spacers, with no more than 144" between them.
  • The bottom row spacer must be installed no higher than 50" from the floor.


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