Wire Rope

To get the best service of wire rope on any specific installation, the following five principal factors should be considered: tensile strength, abrasive resistance, fatigue resistance, crushing stength, and corrosion.  The proper choice of rope could be made by correctly estimating the relative importance of each of these requirements.  Finally the rope should be selected which would have the qualities most suitable to withstand the combined effect of the destructive factors which may be encountered.

 All overhead lifting assemblies must have tag identification. OSHA requires annual inspections on all wire rope/sling assemblies, and our manufacture suppliers can perform complete inspections. Please call us to make these arrangements.

Any of these noticeable defects should be marked, and have the complete assembly taken out of service.

All wire rope/sling assemblies should be inspected for damage prior to use. Any noticeable damage must be indicated and taken out of service.



Below is a pdf guide line brochure to be used for visual inspection.