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SweepEx Brooms


sweepex-logo.jpg  A Division of TrynEx International

These ruggedly-made brooms consist of durable, replaceable, extruded polypropylene bristles mounted into a welded steel frame to withstand the severest of environments. There are many applications for these brooms to effectively sweep surfaces which had been swept with riding, rotary-style sweepers costing tens of thousands of dollars.

SweepEx Brooms Attach to forklifts, skid steer loaders, tractors, pickup trucks.

Sweep sand, gravel, glass, plastic, soda cans, steel chips, dirt, sawdust, snow and mud, leaf debris and many other materials.

Sweep materials such as plastic shrink wrap and welding wire which cannot be swept with normal rotary brooms.

Clean parking lots, warehouses, the decks of trailers and flatbeds, new construction sites, recycling centers, machine shops, and many other places.

Sweep sidewalks or groom baseball diamonds.

SweepEx Brooms have multiple rows of durable, extruded virgin polypropylene bristles, which are easily replaceable, keeping the process efficient with minimal dusting.

Optional equipment includes: heavy duty magnet attachment for picking up nails, etc., debris and leaf pusher, dustmop kit, edge marker kit, snow plow fixture adapter kits.

Most common sizes are in four, five, and six foot widths.

Wider brooms for truck-mounted applications are available.

ValuSweep SweepEx broom has 5 rows of bristles, Pro-Broom has 8 rows of bristles in the steel frame, and Mega-Broom series consists of 11 rows of bristles.