Structural Rack



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Made from high resistant, hot rolled structural steel. This rack is designed for higher capacity applications.

Structural steel components can be used in multiple configurations including selective pallet, drive-in, push-back and more. They can be integrated with roll form components to provide a more economical alternative where a structural system is required.

Structural racking systems are easy to assemble and can expand to fit your growing needs, with bolted connections that provide strength in all directions.

This system continues to provide easy access to stored pallets, easy stock control, load storage flexibility both in terms of weight and volume while providing you the same quality and strength you have expected for years.


  • Structural steel with holes punched on 4" centers to attach the beams.
  • Equipped with "U" brackets welded inside the channel to attach bracing.
  • Footplate welded to the bottom of the post available in standard or seismic.

Load Configuration

H=Hieght of pallet and load
W=Width of Pallet
D=Depth of Pallet



Typical bay opening. If load overhangs the pallet, bay opening must be increases accordingly. If straddle truck is used to service rack, and straddle reaches inside rack, bay opening must be increased to allow outrigger to pass between pallet and post.

Typical back-to-back rack row configuration. If load overhangs the pallet, back-to-back space must be increased accordingly.



Features and Benefits

  • Exceptionally strong construction that meets all industry strength requirements.
  • Hot-rolled structural steel frame and structural steel or fully enclosed roll formed beams.
  • Load storage flexibility that is debris resistant and easily cleaned.
  • Load flexibility in terms of weight and volume.