Pallet Racking Styles, Brands

mecalux.jpg sturdibilt.jpg keystone.jpg


Uses industry standard tear drop
design.  Beams are 
interchangeable with other tear
drop brands.  Mecalux standard
frame is 3-3/16" wide, most
others are 3" wide.


   Uses a single two hook prong
   like clip.  Corners on the frame
   is notched out for the insert of
   the clip.  Beam sets on this clip.


  A single keystone punch that sets in
  the center of the frame.  Two beam
  can use the slot for starter, and 
  add-on sections.


Frame is hole punched.  The beams have
rivets similar to that of standard tear drop.
Hole spacing does not allow for 
interchangeable use with other style, beam
brands.  Bolt locks the beam in place.


     Uses long thin rectangular slot       
     pattern.  Beams fit into these
     slots.  Beams have a safety clip
     that helps keep the beam in


Is very similar to tear drop style.  
Hole pattern on these frames has a
straight down notch, instead of a 
round curve found on tear drop.
Beams curve inside of the frame to
set in place.


Frame looks to be backwards
compared to other styles.  Flat
part of the frame actually faces
in-ward.  Sides curve into the 
frame.  The beams end plate
is designed to fit around the side
curve of the frame.  Beams have
a safety clip that locks inside
the frame.


    Has a rectangular slot pattern.
    Beams have a notch that fits
    inside the frame at the bottom
    of the end plate.  Top hole is
    open for placement of the
    locking blot.


Frame has slanted rectangular slot
pattern.  Beams are designed to fit
into these slots.  Top face of the 
beam has sliding taps that move a 
locking bar into the frame.


At one time this style was 
considered the industry 
standard for pallet racking.
Frame has holes on the corners
for the clip to fit into.  The clip
looks like a handle.  It fits in from
the back, with it's prongs sliding
through the holes, and sticking
out in front.  The beam set on
those prongs.  Then a locking
pin fits in from the front.

 Interlake U Punch


    U Punch, is Interlake's newest
    design pattern.  Due to it's
    unpopular choice, it as also
    recently been discontinued form
    production.  Like the tear drop,
    but is more squared off pattern.  
    Interlake's current beam style is
    interchangeable with this style.

 Interlake F Punch


Most widely used style for pallet 
racking in today's industry.  This is 
the Tear Drop design.  Interlake
pallet racking is the most popular
brand in the U.S.A.  We are Iowa's
leading distributor for pallet racking.