Flow Rack Pallet Racking



     Interlake Mecalux Pallet flow is a first-in/first-out storage and retrieval system that uses gravity to move full pallets along rails of flow wheels from the charge or loading end of a pallet lane forward towards the discharge end or picking aisle. Interlake provides shallow lane pallet flow systems of up to four pallets deep as standard. For deep lane systems over four pallets deep, contact us for availability, design and pricing information.


     Pallet flow systems are designed to increase capacity as compared to conventional pallet racking systems. They are ideal for freezer warehouses, food distribution centers, and most any type of high-volume consumer goods. Whether used alone or in combination with static rack systems and other dynamic storage systems such as push back rack and carton flow rack, pallet flow systems provide a cost effective and efficient way to facilitate high volume storage and order fulfillment and increase operational productivity.



 Standard Design

     Interlake Mecalux's pallet flow is a first-in/first-out, versatile and efficient storage and retrieval system for full pallets. The standard design allows for up to four pallets deep in each lane. Separate stocker (charge) and picker (discharge) aisles enhance efficiency while gravity flow helps ensure that picking faces are always fully stocked by moving pallets forward towards the picking lane as empty pallets are removed from the system. A variety of wheel and rail options are available.


Key Features:

  • Standard pallet rack frames are used to create the core structure which houses the pallet flow lanes.
  • Brakes and separators are used in typical deep lane pallet flow systems to help control the loads.
  • Interlake Mecalux does not manufacture breaks, that is why depth limit is only 4 pallets deep.
  • With the loads to be stored and moved in mind, rails with steel wheels are configured and spaced to create flow lanes for pallets.
  • Support beams are positioned at the optimal elevations to maximize storage space and ensure smooth and uninterrupted pallet flow.
  • Gravity is used to move pallets forward to the front of the picking aisle for easy retrieval and seamless replenishment.



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