Flow Rack Pallet Racking




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For pallet storage solutions with a first-in/first-out flow, look to Interlake’s pallet flow rack systems. Pallets are loaded at one end of the rack and glide effortlessly and safely to the other, making full use of the storage space available and ensuring the faces along the picking aisle are stocked. 

These heavy-duty systems are designed for years of trouble-free operation with rugged load-bearing wheels and a patented braking system that eliminates the hassles of electrical or pneumatic braking devices. Inventory turnover is quick and efficient, whether you’re moving merchandise strictly on pallets or as part of an order picking system. 

An infinite variety of layouts are possible with pallet flow storage depending on the individual flow rates and order picking requirements. Order picking can be accomplished through inner sections or at the end of the system. Stations can be positioned at different levels. Every phase of your operation is considered to provide you with the most efficient tailor-made system possible


Feature and Benefits

No mechanical equipment or manpower is needed to move loaded pallet to the exit end.

Produces an almost solid volume of usable storage space.

Provides savings in space, manpower, utilities.

First-in/first-out is beneficial in the storage of a perishables