Drive In Pallet Racking


Drive-In/Drive Thru Pallet Rack Overview


The Drive-In/Drive-Thru Pallet Rack system by Interlake Mecalux maximizes the use of space within a warehouse, storing up to 75 percent more pallets than standard pallet rack. It is a high-density system, designed for long-term storage of nonperishable items. It is ideally designed for bulk storage of one product with similar dimensions when bundled or packaged together on a pallet.


With the load raised slightly above the level on which it is to be deposited, forklifts enter the system and deposit pallets on support rails. An empty bay is loaded in the bottom row, all the way in the back. The next load would go directly above it. Subsequent loads would follow until the top level is loaded. Then the process repeats. Products stored in a loading lane should have the same SKU to avoid unnecessary pallet handling.


With Drive-In/Drive-Thru Pallet Racking the depth of each lane in this static system will depend on the allotted space, the size of the pallets and the length of time they will be stored. The drive-in/drive thru system can be designed for a range of pallet/load heights.


Loads can either be accessed from one side or both, depending on the design. Double entry systems allow for faster access to the product being stored. Systems with double entry must accommodate the aisles for forklift trucks to get through.



  • Last in, first out & first in, first out configurations
  • Reduces space, lowers cost and holds more loads with deep lane storage
  • Ideal for warehouses with high volume and low SKU numbers
  • Minimizes required number of access aisles
  • Provides control over entry and exit
  • Designed around the combination of your pallets and forklifts

pdf-icon.jpg Click here for Interlake Mecalux Drive-In/Drive-Thru Rack Catalog in PDF form.



Forklift & Pallet Requirements


Forklifts enter the storage lanes with the load raised above the level on which it is going to be deposited. The forklifts used in the drive-in/drive-thru system must be counterbalanced and retractable types.


Bays and the distance between arms of a drive-in/drive-thru system must be wide enough to accommodate the forklifts as they enter the system. In some instances, the chassis of the forklift may need to be modified to make this necessary. The type of forklifts that a facility uses must be taken into account when designing a drive-in/drive-thru system.


The forklift deposits the pallet on the drive-in/drive-thru rack by setting the pallet's lower runners on the supporting rails. The stress on the lower runners is very high, so the pallets that are used should be in optimal condition.


Pallets can only be placed into a drive-in/drive-thru system facing one direction due to their design. If the product stored overhangs the pallet, it will influence the dimensions of the racks and supports.


There are certain measurements in regard to your forklift that should be kept in mind when designing the system:


A. Total width of the forklift

B. Protective structure for the operator

C. Height of the forklift base

D. Height of the forklift protector

E. Maximum elevation height




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