Mezzanine Solutions Customized to Your Needs!

Hawkeye Material Handling helps design mezzanines, platforms and steel structures that help end users:

  • gain more efficient use of existing overhead space;
  • support equipment, conveyors, materials, parts or products;
  • elevate plant and factory offices;
  • create storage space, and
  • provide access over machinery and materials.

Four Main Types of Steel Mezzanines, Platforms

Listed here are four main types of industrial and commercial mezzanines:

  • Free standing — also known as structural, steel, or wide span mezzanines, these are commonly used in a wide variety of applications and offer great flexibility in set-up and restructuring if needed. Free standing mezzanines and platforms are considered capital equipment and, thus, can be depreciated over a shorter period of time – providing tax advantages.
  • Building supported – if a building is designed to support additional loads, the structure can be used to support a mezzanine or platform. A blended system can also be developed in which a mezzanine is supported partly by the building structure and partly by columns, as long as the foundation can support the additional load. Steele Solutions is capable of handling building-supported mezzanines without calling in a general contractor.
  • Rack supported – these platforms create a mezzanine level of usable space between existing storage racks, provided that the rack system can support the additional loads. Catwalks also can be installed in these situations.
  • Shelving supported – ideal for storage of smaller items alongside existing shelving. This is an economical way to make more efficient use of existing space. This type of mezzanine is the least flexible in terms of reconfiguration.

Businesses and organizations throughout the world rely on high quality steel mezzanines and elevated platforms used in warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, mailing centers and other facilities where material handling, operational and space efficiency are valued.


Industrial and Commercial Uses of Mezzanines

Mezzanines, platforms and steel structures can be the ideal solution for a wide variety of industrial and commercial space and material handling requirements. Steel mezzanines allow more efficient use of existing space and, when built free-standing, provide a tax advantage since free standing mezzanines and platforms are considered capital equipment with shorter depreciation than a building.

Access – Catwalks provide elevated access at interior and exterior settings, between machinery or equipment, and between buildings.

Air handling equipment support – Steel structures can be designed as fan decks or to support air handling equipment for clean rooms.

Bulk storage – Use mezzanines and elevated platforms to store different-size items off the ground. Storage mezzanines and storage platforms are ideal for storing items that don't fit well in racks.

Conveyor merge and sortation – Steele Solutions designs and manufactures a wide variety of conveyor support platforms for distribution centers and other use. 

Create storage space – Mezzanines and platforms offer more flexible options for racks or shelving.

Elevated offices – Elevate an office in a plant with a mezzanine. The space below can be used for production, material handling or another office space.

Equipment Support – Platforms or towers can be designed to support specific types of equipment, such a mechanical equipment or hoppers. 

Full-Pallet storage – Use a storing mezzanine or platform to store pallets above while leaving valuable production space below free.

Parts storage – Free standing mezzanines and platforms are used to support shelving for additional storage of small parts or items. Parts or items can be stored above or below the mezzanine.

Pipe support – Equipment platforms can be designed to support piping required for manufacturing processes. The platforms can be indoors or outdoors.

Sorter platforms – A conveyor support platform is designed for the specific dynamic loading of high speed sortation equipment.

Storage of infrequently accessed items – Mezzanines and platforms are a great place to store slow moving items or archived files, alleviating the need for rented space or building expansion.