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Modular Inplant Offices / Enclosures


When changes in your business create new demands for in-plant space utilization, PortaFab modular inplant offices and enclosures give you unlimited flexibility to respond quickly and cost effectively.

As a leader in the design and construction of modular office systems, PortaFab features the most extensive selection of interchangeable wall panels, stud choices, and accessories in the industry. This broad line allows us to more effectively design offices or enclosures to meet your specific requirements and budget.

A modular building is a pre-engineered structure that is flexible enough to satisfy virtually any requirement... tougher than standard drywall construction, expandable, relocatable and completely re-usable. 


Anatomy of an In Plant Office



3068 20 ga Steel Door – 1-3/4” thick, comes pre-hung in frame; shown with optional glazing


Cornice Mold – Sturdy aluminum construction, either anodized or painted; provides handsome finished appearance.


Fixed Window – 1/4” thick tempered safety glass; comes pre-glazed in aluminum window frame.


Corrugated Steel Dust Cover – 22 ga. Ribbed steel is 1-1/2” deep; painted and cut to length.


2’ x 4’ Light Fixture – Includes 4-lamp light fixture with acrylic lens. (Bulbs not included.)

6. Acoustical Lay-in Ceiling – Consist of preprinted metal grid and lay-in acoustical, noncombustible while fissured mineral board.
7. Exhaust Fan – Powerful exhaust fan located in ceiling.
8. Air Conditioning Unit – Wall-mounted units provide cool environment for any size office; optional heat available too.
9. Fire & Sound Panels - Standard Fire & Sound panels are 3" thick and feature an insulating polystyrene core with a 1/2" thick vinyl gypsum surface bonded to each side. Available in gray, champagne, or white.
10. Standard Thermal Panels - Standard wall panels are 3" thick and feature 1/8" thick vinyl hardboard bonded to an insulating polystyrene core. Available in gray, champagne, or white.
11. Steel Floor Track – Sturdy channel holds walls securely in place.
12. Corner Post - Part of the framing system and included with every office.

Duplex Receptacle - Receptacles can be mounted in any wiring stud and are part of the standard electrical package that includes:

  • Duplex outlets
  • Wall switch
  • Circuit breaker box
  • Handy boxes and conduit
14. Hardboard w/Honeycomb Panel – Includes 1/8” Vinyl Hardboard laminated to both sides of craft honeycomb core.
15. Wiring Stud - Part of all framing systems, studs permit the installation of electrical service vertically and accept standard electrical boxes. Complete modular wiring systems are also available
16. Brown Vinyl Base - Screw-on type base is easily removable with no exposed screws or fasteners. Included with all modular offices.



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There are many designs, applications, sizes, and options to choose from.  Hawkeye Material Handling has years of experience with these in-plant offices.  We can come up with a custom design that is unique to your own application.  Our installation crew has years of expertise with in-plant offices as well. They take great care and pride when installing your in-plant office.  Please contact us and let us help you design a in-plant office that’s right for you.