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 When changes in your business create new demands for inplant space utilization, PortaFab's modular office and building products provide you with unlimited flexibility to respond quickly and cost-effectively to your needs.


As a leader in the design and construction of modular office systems, PortaFab features the most extensive selection of interchangeable wall panels, stud choices, and accessories in the industry. This broad line allows us to more effectively design offices or enclosures to meet your specific requirements and budget.




PortaFabs modular components can be easily expanded, relocated and reused to keep up with your expanding business needs.

Quick Installation

Pre-engineered modular systems utilize standard components and designs that minimize the time required for installation.

Reduced Construction Labor Cost

Their prefabricated components install quickly and easily, resulting in a lower cost of labor when compared to conventional.

Reduced Design Time

Pre-engineered systems reduce the amount of engineering and architectural time required to design your building. This results in reduced engineering costs, reduced architectural costs and less total time on your project.

Ease of Coordination

Here at Hawkeye Material Handling we provide our customer with a complete turnkey approach with local support and assistance. 

Clean Installation

Minimal on-site construction and fabrication reduces dust and other contaminates during the installation process. This results in less disruption to the surrounding facility and a reduction in labor costs. 

Low Maintenance

PortaFabs durable prefabricated wall panels require little maintenance beyond occasional surface cleaning. This eliminates costs for repainting, surface repairs or other maintenance associated with conventional construction.

Consistent Quality & Appearance

Our attractive integrated systems are manufactured to your exact specifications, providing you with complete design consistency throughout any future additions, expansion or relocation.

Tax Advantages

Depreciation of modular components is usually over seven and a half years versus thirty-nine years for conventional construction, resulting in a quicker return on investment.

Environmentally Friendly

Less construction material is wasted when building with modular components. Companies can also earn LEED points to improve their Green Building Rating by building with modular. 


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1. Steel Floor Track - Sturdy galvanized steel channels hold wall panels securely in place.

2. Corner Post - Structural, non progressive 3-piece design.

3. Fire & Sound Panels - Includes 1/2" thick vinyl gypsum surface bonded to both sides of polystyrene insulating core.

4. Structural Stud System - Multi-piece stud construction allows for non-progressive system.

5. Cornice Mold - Sturdy aluminum construction, painted; provides handsome finished appearance.

6. Roof Deck - 22 gauge ribbed steel is 1-1/2" deep; painted and cut to length up to 12'. Support beams/angels available for larger units.

7. Acoustical Lay-in Ceiling - Pre-painted, wire-hung metal grid with lay-in acoustical ceiling tiles made from noncombustible white fissured mineral board.

8. Door - 1-3/4" thick, 20 gauge steel door. Pre-hung in frame with flush finish. Available with single or double doors with or without 1/4" clear tempered safety glass.

9. Windows - Comes pre-glazed in aluminum window frame with 1/4" clear tempered safety glass measuring 4' x 3' or 2' x 3'.

10. AC/HVAC - Available with framed cutouts and AC/HVAC systems in several BTU capacities.

11. 2' x 4' Light Fixture - 4-lamp light fixture with acrylic lens. 

12. Vinyl Base - Screw-on type base is easily removable with no exposed screws or fasteners. 

13. Duplex Receptacle - Can be located in any wiring stud. 

14. Electrical Integration - Permits the installation of electrical service vertically and accepts electrical boxes.

15. Modular Electric Package - Plug and Play connection for faster installation to include lights, outlets and switches. 


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There are many designs, applications, sizes, and options to choose from.  Hawkeye Material Handling has years of experience with these in-plant offices.  We can come up with a custom design that is unique to your own application.  Our installation crew has years of expertise with in-plant offices as well. They take great care and pride when installing your in-plant office.  Please contact us and let us help you design an in-plant office that’s right for you.



portafab-2-wall-unit.png   portafab-3-wall-unit.png
2-Wall Unit   3-Wall Unit
2-wall units utilize existing corner walls to minimize costs while also providing an effective work area at your facility.   3-wall units can attach to an existing wall to cut expenses while also providing all of the flexibility you need.
portafab-4-wall-unit.png   portafab-mezzanine-unit.png
4-Wall Unit   Mezzanine Unit
Total flexibility is yours. Design one large work area, or subdivide into separate offices. Its up to you.   Mezzanine units provide maximum use of available floor space utilizing vertical space for office areas.
portafab-office-with-storage-space.png   portafab-two-story-office-unit.png
Office with Storage Space   Two-Story Office Unit
Ideally suited for maximizing space in facilities with high ceilings by utilizing load-bearing roofs.   Ideal for creating additional office space while minimizing the use of valuable floor space.