Span-Track Carton Flow by Unex


Unex Manufacturing: The Carton Flow Authority
For over 45 years Unex has maintained this focus earning the reputation as a quality manufacturer and a market leader in providing gravity flow solutions to the market.

Why Catron Flow?
Carton Flow is a material handling solution that addresses the two major cost drivers in today’s distribution and manufacturing facilities – labor and space costs.

Order Picking
Order picking accounts for 40-60% of an operation’s total labor cost. Most facilities use pallet racking or shelving as their storage medium. These storage mediums are static (product remains in its stored position). Once the product in front is picked, additional picks require reaching, bending, and pulling.


Lower costs Carton Flow remedies the inefficiencies of static storage by creating a dynamic storage medium. When the front product is picked, the remaining product flows to the front. This ensures the product is always at the most accessible pick point - the front. This increases pick rates up to 30% versus static storage pick rates.   A good carton flow system should reduce travel time by 40-80% when compared to a pick process utilizing static storage.


Span-Track’s drop-in design makes it an easy fit to any pallet rack providing maximum flexibility. Galvanized steel side channels give Span-Track durability, handling loads up to 50 lbs./ft.


Span-Track Can be Added to Any New or Existing Pallet Rack.  No Shelves or Intermediate Support Required!

Span-Track Deck On Pallet Racking.JPG•Fits Any Rack   •Drop-In Design   •No Shelves Needed


Superior Flexibility
 Simply pick up track to easily rearrange/reslot Span-Track to match SKU’s.span-track-section.jpg


High Capacity, High Durability
Span-Track takes the abuse of active warehouses and assembly plants.  Galvanized steel side channels, 3/4” diametertempered aluminum full width rollers and full length 3/16” steel axles handle loads up to 50 lbs. per ft.


Unrivaled Flow
Full-width rollers provide maximum carton support – 300% more product contact than plastic wheel rails – resulting in better flow, fewer hang-ups and increased throughput.


Unsupported Span

Standard Track Load Capacity

3' - 6' 50 lbs./ft.
7' 50 lbs./ft.
8' 40 lbs./ft.
9' 30 lbs./ft.
10' 20 lbs./ft.


Hawkeye Material Handling can assist with your order picking solutions. Utilizing carton flow tracks by Unex, reduces costs, labor time, and increases efficiency. Call us today for more information and pricing. 800-728-9784