Gravity Conveyor



Conveyors can make the entire process of orders faster and more cost effective, saving time and energy though production lines, order picking, to fulfillment and shipment of products. Gravity conveyors are easily set-up or rearranged when needs change. Conveyors are designed especially for efficient transfer of heavy cartons, boxes, tote pans, packages, etc.



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Rollers are the means by which products are transported in most types of unit handling conveyors. Hawkeye Material Handling can provide new or replacement gravity, sprocket, grooved, and tapered rollers, which are available in many sizes with a number of different configurations. Multiple bearing options, drive options, accessories, assembly options, coatings for almost any application. Rollers can be custom built for extreme temperature ranges, heavy loads, high speeds, dirty, corrosive, and wash-down environments.  Call us today 800-728-9784