Lyon Modular Drawer Cabinets


Pre-engineered Lyon Modular Drawer Cabinets

Organized Storage 

Designed for Efficiency, Engineered for Strength!


Why Choose Lyon Modular Drawer Cabinets . . .
 lyon-modular-drawer-cabinets-in-use.jpg provide you with the highest density storage solution for small to mid-sized products, while reducing your storage footprint by as much as

The Lyon drawer suspension features the highest quality ball bearing rollers resulting in the “smoothest”, most reliable operating drawers in the industry, empty and fully loaded.

Full extension drawers provide 100% visibility to the stored product. Lyon drawers are ergonomically engineered to provide the best possible human reach points.

Drawer interiors can be sub-divided into compartments for the storage of parts without cartons. Neat and organized storage improves inventory control.

Choose from many different types of latching systems to provide for the safe secure storage of valuable products.

Flexible design based on a “Building-Block” approach. From pre-engineered to custom-built products, Lyon offers an innovative array of easy order options to adapt to your future growth.

High Density Storage Solution

Lyon Workspace Products offers a complete line of modular drawer storage cabinets and accessories that provide the maximum use of cubic space for the highest level of product storage density. Lyon modular drawer cabinets are the best solution for the secure, organized storage and retrieval of small to mid-sized products. Drawers can be subdivided into an infinite range of custom compartments to better organize your products. Lyon drawers are ergonomically designed to bring these individual compartments to full view at the best possible human reach points. This results in improved worker efficiency and increased productivity while often doubling storage capacity within the same amount of floor space. Installations ranging from a single-freestanding cabinet to multiple stacked groups of cabinets provide flexible solutions to meet every storage requirement while maximizing your storage space.


Hawkeye Material Handling has made purchasing these Lyon Modular Drawer Cabinets easy with pre-engineered units.  All cabintes listed here are 30" wide x 28-1/4" deep.  Below just click on the desired height of your Lyon Modular Drawer Cabinet.