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The Interlake Mecalux SpinblockTM system consists of compact modules which have been joined together and are suspended from guides running along an oval-shaped track.

Stored products in storage are constantly monitored by the system's integrated control and management software. When an order is received, the entire set of modules automatically moves into the required position.  The guidance system and sturdy structure streamline operations. High-capacity load modules offer multiple configurations that adapt to the dimensions of the products.





Coventional Warehouse

Requires intermediate aisles between shelving units, thus reducing available space and increasing the distance needed to cover then preparing orders.







Spinblock Warehouse

Unnecessary trips are eliminated, thus reducing order preparation times.  In addition, several orders can be prepared at once.





Spinblock is an automated storage system based on the "product to picker" principle.  This horizontal rotary warehouse is recommended for many applications, especially those requiring high-productivity picking operations in warehouses lacking vertical space.  Call Hawkeye Material Handling for more information.  800-728-9784