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Radio Shuttle



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This high density, semi-automated pallet storage and retrieval system makes it easier to load and unload goods thanks to an electric cart called Radio Shuttle.  The forklift sets the load atop the Radio Shuttle which then moves along the track to deposit the load in the correct location.

This high density pallet storage system simplifies loading and unloading goods by utilizing an electric cart.  A forklift sets the pallet on top of the Radio Shuttle.  The cart then moves along the track to place the load in the correct location.  Using a remote control, the operator can execute all procedures for storing and extracting pallets.  High precision sensors control how the Radio Shuttle moves the stored load.





  • Shorter unload times for pallets. The Radio Shuttle modules (RSM) retrieve the pallets and bring them to the aisle entrance so the forklift does not have to enter the lane
  • Great for deep lane storage
  • Allows the storage of different reference numbers per module and therefore a higher number of stored references
  • Lower risk of accidents
  • Reduced reliance on forklifts inside lanes helps prevent rack damage
  • By adding more RSMs, the flow of incoming and outgoing goods increases
  • Optimizes space by compacting pallets with different widths inside the channels
  • Height between levels is minimized
  • Improve Efficiency: Radio Shuttle brings the pallets to the entrance so the forklift doe not have to enter lanes
  • Increase Storage: Permits storage of different reference numbers per module
  • Redcues Accidents
  • Eliminate Lane Damage: Prevent the risk of rack damage since forklifts are no longer needed ton enter the racking unit.
  • Maximize Productivity: Simply by adding more carts, the flow of incoming and outgoing goods increases.
  • Highly Compatible: Optimizes space by compacting pallets with different widths inside the lanes.






Step 1

A forklift places a Radio Shuttle on the level where goods are going to be stored.






Step 2

The forklift loads the pallets one by one at the level's entrance, supporting them on the loading sections.




Step 3

The Radio Shuttle raises one pallet slightly and then rolls horizontally until reaching the frist open location where it then sets the pallet down.





Step 4

The Radio Shuttle returns to the lane entrance to repeat the procedure with the next pallet and continues successively until the lane is full.  Before the last location is filled, the Radio Shuttle is extracted, ready to work in another level.




Please call us today for more information on this high density storage system.  Using a Radio Shuttle can reduce stroage safe, increase more storage space, save time and reduce possible damage by not have a lift enter lanes.  800-728-9784.