Clasimat Vertical Modular Lift


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The Clasimat Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is a fully enclosed system of trays and an extractor/elevator mechanism that is controlled by an automated management system. This system allows for a relatively large inventory of goods to be quickly accessible to a picking station while being stored safely and securely.  During order fulfillment, the operator selects the desired product on the computer screen located at the ergonomic workstation. The warehouse management software locates and sends the extractor mechanism to retrieve the tray of stored items.


  • Utilizes the entire height of the warehouse.
  • Enclosed system protects goods from dust, debris and theft.
  • Minimized operator movement during order picking increases efficiency.
  • Computer managed warehouse
  • Space-saving: the overall height of the warehouse is utilized
  • Time-saving: the operator does not need to leave to prepare an order
  • Products are stored safely

Tray Configurations


Wide range of different sizes and models to meet a variety of requirements.  Four plastic guides at the sides guarantee a smooth sliding over the storage levels and also minimise noise.  Trays can be open for a wide variety of medium to large size products, or with dividers for smaller sizes.  Another option can be to divide trays through plastic boxes, which may also be divided in the inside through plastic dividers.  This provides different combinations which may be adapted to numerous products.




     1)  Lifting Structure

     2)  Tray

     3)  Picking Area

     4)  Elevator Motor

     5)  Shuttle

     6)  Chain

     7)  Lifting Pinions

     8)  Vertical Guide

     9)  Inner Security Device

     10) Control Panel

     11) Electrical Control Panel w/Frequency Variator

     12) Outer Panelling





The Interlake Mecalux Clasimat VLM has the diversity to meet the needs of any warehouse space. With a variety of heights and tray configurations, the Clasimat can be designed to fulfill any number of storage requirements.  Contact us today for more information.  800-728-9784