Carton Flow Rack




Carton Flow is a first in, first out (FIFO) picking system made up of slightly inclined wheel and roller platforms that gravitate toward the picking aisle. Its separate picking and stocking aisles save up to 75% of labor costs compared to static storage solutions. Carton Flow has a clip-less track and guide system, allowing it to be assembled and reassembled with ease. It can be installed as a single-bay, or it can be integrated in a multi-level pick module that spans an entire warehouse. Carton Flow shelves can be installed within standard pallet rack frames or in stand-alone Interlake-Mecalux welded frames, making it versatile, flexible, durable, and efficient.


Advantages of the System


The most important benefits of the Carton Flow System are:

  • Perfect product turnover
  • Greatest number of references at the front of the rack
  • Reduced time for order preparation
  • Reduced personnel movement inefficiencies
  • Greater storage capacity
  • Optional compatibility with pick-to-light system

       Live racking units are unbeatable assets when managing SKUs with high rotation volume and a large number of units. These structures have platforms on a slight slope fitted with pulley wheels or rollers. Goods are dropped off on the higher side of the platform and slide to the other side (the exit aisle) under the force of gravity.

       All Boxes positioned in a single row have the same SKU. The product is removed from the first of these boxes, while the ones behind it are reserves. When the box closest to the picking aisle is removed (to pick it as a complete unit or because it is empty), the entire row slides forward and the position is automatically filled. This solution can be used for a large number of SKU in a single bay.