96"L Pallet Rack Beam - Interlake Mecalux

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Load Rating:
5,930 lb.
Interlake Mecalux Pallet Rack Beam


96"L Rolled Form Pallet Rack Beam

5,930 lb. Capacity


Interlake Mecalux Roll formed beams are the horizontal elements of the rack on which loads are placed. Formed from one roll formed piece of steel, with a continuous seam weld on its base.

Available in different sizes, roll formed beams have welded end plates, which slot into the tear drop shaped holes located on the face of the frames. They are held to the frames using two safety, spring loaded locking devices per beam (one on each end plate).

Each load level is formed by two beams, one beam at each post of the frame. Standard beams are manufactured in even 12” increments. Interlake Mecalux beams come in several different sizes that all maintain a similar “L” shaped profile as well as other color options(special order). See the options below or contact us at 1-800-728-9784.

48" Long
60" Long
72" Long
84" Long
interlake-mecalux-27e-beam-profile.png interlake-mecalux-36e-beam-profile.png interlake-mecalux-40e-beam-profile.png interlake-mecalux-45e-beam-profile.png
96" Long
108" Long
120" Long
144" Long 
interlake-mecalux-45e-beam-profile.png interlake-mecalux-50e-beam-profile.png interlake-mecalux-50e-beam-profile.png interlake-mecalux-65e-beam-profile.png


Beam Capacities (Per Pair)
Beam  Length 
•  Load capacities are for uniformly distributed product load plus dead load per pair of beams (dead load = weight of beams).
•  Deflection in this chart is based on product load only and is limited to L/180.
•  Beams 60" long and under are designed for single pallet wide applications.
•  Beams longer than 60" are designed for 2 or 3 pallet wide applications.
•  Capacities have already been reduced for impact loading.
•  Capacities are valid when beams are connected to Interlake frames.
•  Capacities are per the 2012 RMI and the 2001 AISI specifications.
•  These capacities assume that all component parts are: (1) manufactured by Interlake, (2) in good condition, (3) properly installed.
48" 5,620
60" 6,575
72" 5,580
84" 5,650
 96" 5,930
108" 6,125
120" 5,575
144" 7,075


Unslotted Beams And Slotted Beams

Beams are available in unslotted or slotted styles. Both styles are roll formed with a continuous weld on the base as well as a 1-5/8” step profile. Slotted styles also include slotted holes located at 1” intervals for the easy placement and connection of various accessories such as roll-in crossbars.

• Steel thickness is 0.063” (15GA) for all beam types except for the 65Q beam, which is 0.084” (14GA).

• All of the models have a 1-5/8” step.

• Slotted styles have slots at 1” increments for easy, flexible placement of accessories.

• Available in standard orange finish.

• *All beams ordered online are unslotted*

End Plates

End plates are welded onto the end of beams. They provide a connection between the beam and the column of a system. The piston lock system provides a secure connection that prevents the beam from disengaging, even when contacted by a forklift truck. Interlake Mecalux offers three different options of end plate for selective beams. Beams are welded to the end plates by AWS certified welding technicians. Under normal, as well as most seismic conditions in conjunction with the Interlake Mecalux end plate, the “A” weld is sufficient. The end plates are welded to the beam along the front and rear face of the beam edge.

Note: Previous models of Interlake Mecalux selective pallet rack end plates exist and can be ordered to match existing beams in a facility. For current availability in your area or to order older Interlake Mecalux selective pallet rack end plates, please contact us at 1-800-728-9784.

The 48"L, 60"L & 72"L beams come with a 3 - tabbed end plate.

interlake-mecalux-end-plat-option-1.png interlake-mecalux-end-plate-option-1-drawing.png
The 96"L, 108"L & 120"L beams come with a 4 - tabbed end plate. interlake-mecalux-end-plat-option-2.png interlake-mecalux-end-plate-option-2-drawing.png
The 144"L beam(65E) come with a 5 - tabbed end plate. interlake-mecalux-end-plat-option-3.png interlake-mecalux-end-plate-option-3-drawing.png
Beam Drop Options
Standard Drop (0.00"): Beam is flush with top of connecting end plate. All beams ordered online have a standard drop. interlake-mecalux-beam-drop.png
Type 2 Drop (2.00"): Beam is welded 2" down from the top of the connecting end plate. This is a custom option so please contact us at 1-800-728-9784 for ordering details.
Interlake Row Spacers Interlake Wall Ties
interlake-mecalux-row-spacer.png interlake-mecalux-wall-tie.png
Bolt On Post Protector Floor Mounted Post Protector U
interlake-mecalux-post-protector-2.png interlake-mecalux-floor-mounted-post-protector.png
End of Aisle Protector Corner Guard
interlake-mecalux-end-of-aisle-protectors.png interlake-mecalux-corner-guard.png
Splicing Pallet Stops
frame-splices.png interlake-mecalux-pallet-stop-rails.png
General Design Consideration

GMA Pallet Structure


Pallets are flat transport structures that support goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by a forklift. They supply the structural foundation of the unit load and as such are an important consideration for the design of any warehouse.

Interlake Mecalux products are optimized to the dimensions of the standard pallet used in the U.S., the Grocery Manufacturers' Association or GMA pallet.





In any design, it is important to consider the vertical clearances required to successfully lift the load and pallet off the rack using a forklift or pallet jack. As an industry

 standard, the distance from the top of the pallet load overhead is 4” to 6”.
The pallet must extend 3” beyond the frame depth on either side to ensure proper pallet support.





Clearances Between Pallets And Posts

Each pallet should be positioned 3” or 4” from any adjacent post or pallet, unless the bay has a 3 pallet width. In this case, a 5” clearance should be provided between pallets and 4” between post and pallet.

pallet-pic-1.png pallet-pic-2.png


Selective Pallet Rack Options

1. Frame

2. Beam

3. Foot Plate

4. Horizontal Strut

5. Diagonal Strut

6. Shim

7. Post Protector

8. End Aisle Protector

9. Shelf Panel

10. Row Spacer

11. Roll-in Pallet Support

12. Double Flanged Pallet Support

13. Drum/Coil Bed

14. Fork Clearance Bar

15. Skid Channel

16. Wall Tie

17. Drum Cradle

18. Corner Protector

19. Post Protector