144"H x 36"D Pallet Rack Bolted Tear Drop Frame - Interlake Mecalux 315

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Interlake Mecalux Frame Upright
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144"H x 36"D

Capacity of 16,716 lbs. @ 48" Beam Spacing

Interlake Mecalux Selective Tear Drop Style Pallet Rack Frames

Selective rack is the most common type of storage solution found in the United States. It is a static system combining beams and frames to provide proper storage for pallets and other large items. Selective rack also comes with a variety of accessories and options.

Frames are the vertical elements of the racks. They are rectangular in shape and come in a variety of heights, widths and depths depending on the load being stored and the model of frame being used. A standard frame consists of two posts connected by a series of horizontal and diagonal struts and includes a foot plate welded or bolted to the bottom of each post.

Interlake Mecalux uses only high-strength 12 ga. steel certified to meet the strictest specifications. The columns measure 3" W x 2.71" D.  Frames include foot plates to allow frames to be anchored to the floor. Anchor bolts are sold separately, see pallet racking accessories.

Interlake Mecalux Selective Pallet Rack Frames are available with either bolted or welded(See options below) frames. Interlake Mecalux's patented beam-to-frame connection creates the most rigid and reliable structure available. It also provides exceptional protection against damage, tampering and accidental disengagement.

Interlake Mecalux uses only high-strength steel, certified to meet the strictest specifications. All weld operations are controlled through advanced robotics or performed by welders certified to AWS Standards. The durable powder coating and baked enamel finishes ensure long life under even the most demanding conditions.

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A. Post
B. Foot Plate
C. Horizontal Strut
D. Diagonal Strut
*Frames ordered online are Blue.*
Foot Plate Options


Heavy Duty Foot Plate that comes
with frames ordered online.

heavy-foot-plate-j-u.pngHeavier Duty Foot Plate
*Special Order*

heavy-foot-plate-m-u.pngHeavier Duty Foot Plate specifically
for seismic areas
*Special Order*


Frame Capacities
Height Between Levels(Hbl)
 15 Gauge
 Maximum unsupported length is measured from the floor to the top of the first beam or the maximum beam spacing (whichever is greater).
• Frame capacities shown include product load plus dead load (dead load = 2.0% of product load).
• Capacities are per the 2012 RMI and ANSI MH16, 1 2012 specifications.
• Load factors are 1.4 for product load and 1.2 for dead load.
• Capacities are only valid when used with Interlake Mecalux published beam sizes.
• Capacities are not valid for free standing frames that have an H/D ratio greater than 6.0 where H is the distance from the floor to the top of the beam and D is the frame depth.
• Capacities are valid for static load only.
• These capacities assume that all component parts are (1) manufactured by Interlake Mecalux, (2) in good condition, and (3) properly installed.
• All columns have "F" style punching
Capacity (lbs.)
36" 19,855
42" 18,326
48" 16,716
54" 14,963
60" 13,310
66" 11,603


Bolted Post Profiles And Frames

*This Product is Blue 315*

  • Post profiles are available in various sizes. Each profile has 7 to 9 bends, depending on the model. Post profiles have perforations every 2” on the face and the sides.
  • The tear drop perforations on the face are designed to secure beam placement, with the narrow section facing downwards, as shown in the drawing.
  • Side perforations are used for fitting struts and accessories, such as row spacers and column protectors, using 5/16” diameter grade 5 bolts. 
  • There are different models of uprights, which vary in dimensions and gauges. 


Upright Model A B C interlake-315-column-top.png
315 2.98" 2.56" 15 GA
314 3" 2.71" 14 GA interlake-top-view.png
3.06" 12 GA
4101 3.97 13 GA
4102 4.01" 12 GA
5122 4.8" 12 GA


Interlake Mecalux Shimming Diagram

In installations with very uneven floors, the maximum shim height should not exceed 1-15/16”. If the unevenness of the floor exceeds this dimension, the post is to be re positioned vertically using a hole punch as a reference for the distance (± 2”). Note that shimming may require longer anchors to maintain minimum embedment. Please Contact Us for pricing and availability.


Interlake Row Spacers Interlake Wall Ties
interlake-mecalux-row-spacer.png interlake-mecalux-wall-tie.png
Bolt On Post Protector Floor Mounted Post Protector U
interlake-mecalux-post-protector-2.png interlake-mecalux-floor-mounted-post-protector.png
End of Aisle Protector Corner Guard
interlake-mecalux-end-of-aisle-protectors.png interlake-mecalux-corner-guard.png
Splicing Pallet Stops
frame-splices.png interlake-mecalux-pallet-stop-rails.png
General Design Consideration

GMA Pallet Structure


Pallets are flat transport structures that support goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by a forklift. They supply the structural foundation of the unit load and as such are an important consideration for the design of any warehouse.

Interlake Mecalux products are optimized to the dimensions of the standard pallet used in the U.S., the Grocery Manufacturers' Association or GMA pallet.





In any design, it is important to consider the vertical clearances required to successfully lift the load and pallet off the rack using a forklift or pallet jack. As an industry

 standard, the distance from the top of the pallet load overhead is 4” to 6”.
The pallet must extend 3” beyond the frame depth on either side to ensure proper pallet support.





Clearances Between Pallets And Posts

Each pallet should be positioned 3” or 4” from any adjacent post or pallet, unless the bay has a 3 pallet width. In this case, a 5” clearance should be provided between pallets and 4” between post and pallet.

pallet-pic-1.png pallet-pic-2.png


Selective Pallet Rack Options

1. Frame

2. Beam

3. Foot Plate

4. Horizontal Strut

5. Diagonal Strut

6. Shim

7. Post Protector

8. End Aisle Protector

9. Shelf Panel

10. Row Spacer

11. Roll-in Pallet Support

12. Double Flanged Pallet Support

13. Drum/Coil Bed

14. Fork Clearance Bar

15. Skid Channel

16. Wall Tie

17. Drum Cradle

18. Corner Protector

19. Post Protector

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